Sidney Powell, a lawyer close to Trump, pleads guilty and flips

Sidney Powell, a lawyer who was extremely close to Trump and Rudy Giuliani, has pleaded guilty in her criminal case and done a deal.

Part of the deal is a commitment to give evidence against Trump in the trial involving charges of a conspiracy to overthrow democracy in January 2020 in the United States.

This is bad news for Trump, no matter what way you look at.

Powell was a ‘wild meeting’ in January 2020 with Trump, Giuliani and others at which it is alleged sending in troops to seize voting machines and the institution of what would have been effectively martial law was discussed.

If anyone can give strong evidence about what was discussed at that meeting, Trump’s views, statements and demeanour, Sidney Powell can.

Powell has been put on probation for six years, but this deal has allowed her to avoid going to prison. That is a big thing for a lawyer of her age and profession.

Big thing for Trump and Giuliani too. Expect more individuals to flip and testify against Trump.