Why I don’t answer questions on TikTok

When it comes to social media marketing, and any type of marketing for that matter, you are always looking for engagement.

Why? Because it is a feedback loop that tells you what you have published resonates with your audience. You were not screaming into a void. You did not get the message to market connection hopelessly wrong.

I get massive engagement on TikTok. Question after question every day on a wide range of legal and other topics.

But I do not answer any of the questions. If I did, I would have to try to answer all questions, not just a small select number; and it would be insufferably time consuming.

So, my modus operandi is to simply publish decent, useful content on TikTok and leave it at that. If someone wants to obtain legal advice or have questions answered they will need to arrange a consultation.

Only a small number of persons have done so to date. But the time and effort it takes me to create a short, one minute vertical video which can be shared on multiple online platforms still means it is worthwhile making and publishing such videos.

Even on a site like TikTok.

P.S. If you want to take a look at what I publish on TikTok take a look here.

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