Tweaking my video strategy

I am writing this blog post to attempt to tease out my thinking on a topic that I am unsure about.

I do this often. That is, use writing as a tool to assist with getting my thinking straight and obtain clarity.

And it works. I have repeatedly claimed that ‘writing is thinking’ and have made videos on that topic.

What I am turning over in my mind now is how to create the short, vertical videos to promote my brand and business.

I have written previously about the value of such videos for sites such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. And I have been making the videos from scratch.

But yesterday, as I was making some, I discovered that I felt that I was repeating myself in covering topics that I have already covered in long form videos. And making essentially the same video again does not provide a great deal of motivation.

The alternative is to edit existing long form videos and extract short, one-minute videos which I can edit to become vertical which is necessary for the sites named above.

If I adopt this strategy, and it works, it will allow me to make short videos from time to time and as I wished, without any pressure, on any topic under the sun. It would allow me to push the experimentation envelope and really push the boundaries of what I can do with video.

So, I think I will embark on that policy for now and see how it goes. I can always revert back, if necessary, but being able to extract even more value out of work that is already done is an appealing prospect.

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