Writing is thinking-Zettelkasten confirms what I have always believed

I have been a firm believer for a long time now in the idea that “writing is thinking”.

And now that I have stumbled upon the Zettelaksten method of knowledge management I note that a central principle of this system is the idea that writing is thinking, and the writing of your own permanent notes help you with your thinking and idea generation.

On a slightly different note, I have committed to writing something every day on this blog for at least 1 year, perhaps longer.

And I am wondering is there a way that I can combine these two activities-that is, the use of the Zettelkasten system with daily writing.

It seems to make sense, but I need to consider it further.

If I was reading a non fiction book, as I am at the moment, and I am making what is known as literature notes with a view to making permanent notes for my Zettelkasten, and I was to write about this every day on my blog the danger would be that I would have a succession of blog posts which would be on the same topic.

The absence of variety may make the blog less interesting to anyone who comes across it. And the closing off of other things to write about, other sources of stimuli, other commentary would run counter to the idea of this blog.

Anyway, I need to think about it a bit further. In the meantime, however remember that writing is thinking.

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