Conversational writing-how to write conversationally 

If you are looking to write online for your business or your brand or any other reason you will need to avail of conversational writing.

How do you do that?

Write your first draft as if you are speaking to a friend. Don’t worry about punctuation. Write down what you would say.

Short sentences. Short, easy to understand words. Short paragraphs.

Start with “guess what?”, or a similar posture.

Rewrite it, read it aloud, give it structure by adding paragraphs and varying sentence length.

Include “you” a lot, which engages the reader.

Ask questions, edit it again.

Cut repetition, complicated thoughts, unnecessary detail, things that the reader does not need to know.

Keep good energy, good detail, good comparisons, natural sounding link phrases.

This is my brief summary of a blog post written by Sharon Tanton, who I follow online and whose writing advice is sage, practical, and effective.

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