Transactional versus relational YouTube channels

I watched a good video yesterday by Katie Steckly on YouTube.

She explains the difference between a transactional YouTube channel and a relational one and the best way, in her view, to transition from the former to the latter.

The widely accepted wisdom is to use a strategy which is in use in Hollywood for many years: one for you, one for me. In other words, a filmmaker who wants to make art and make films he loves must first make one that is a commercial hit and keeps the financiers happy.

Then make one which is reflective of the type of work he/she loves to do, which may not necessarily be commercially viable. But makes the artist, the creator, happy and fulfilled.

Steckly’s approach is slightly different and is based on her own experience.

It involves a merging of the two types of video in one-that is, you can make it transactional and value driven but also made in a way that reflects the type of content you love to make-for example, vlogs.

Funnily enough, my own vlogs have evolved in a similar way and I have noticed that they do best if they weave some law into them, and are not just pure lifestyle or day in the life vlogs.

This whole area has a lot to do with brand building, especially for small business owners and creators like me. And you?

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