Audio only podcasts?

I am pleasantly surprised by how well my audio only podcast, the Irish Law and Small Business Podcast, is doing on YouTube podcasts.

When you think about it, however, you quickly realise that the type of video I make-the “talking head” type video-is ideal for audio only podcast episodes. It is not as if you are missing out on some spectacular visual fireworks in transitioning from video to audio.

It is clear that many people prefer, or find it more convenient, to listen to audio episodes and do not want or need the video.

On that basis there might be an argument for making some audio only episodes. But doing the talking head type video allows the best of both worlds and caters for both the videocast crowd and the audio only listeners.

Thus, thinking it through, it makes sense for me to continue doing what I am doing and using video as my primary unit of content. Audio episodes can then be mined from the video, as is happening at the moment.

If you want to check out the videocast-that is, the video podcast, you can access it here on Spotify.