TikTok early mover advantage

Since I uploaded my first few short videos around Christmastime 2021 I have been astounded by the growth of my TikTok channel.

The numbers of likes, comments, new fans/followers I have seen has been amazing. And now with the opportunity to upload 10 minute videos the opportunity for a guy like me is mindboggling.

When I say ‘a guy like me’ I am referring to someone who has an enormous stock of existing videos to repurpose and upload to TikTok. Many of my videos now have captions, too, thanks to Facebook’s auto caption facility.

Not only can I resize most of my videos to fit the mobile phone perfectly, I can include captions. And I have videos covering all aspects of Irish law and business. Not alone that, I am making new videos every week and I like making videos.

All these factors mean that I can acquire a significant first mover advantage on a platform like TikTok.

I am not naïve or unsophisticated to the point where I fail to recognise the qualitative difference between the quality of leads I have got from TikTok versus from other platforms. Nevertheless, the size and volume of the TikTok leads more than compensates for the poorer quality.

And as one guy commented the other day, the demographic is young at the moment. But as this generation of TikTokers get older they will have a greater need for the services of a solicitor.

That’s not to say that many of them do not have a current need. Lots of young people are trying to buy houses and are active in the employment market in full or part time jobs with employment problems, family law issues, and so on.

For now, I am just taking advantage of what I see as a golden opportunity.

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