The useful functionality of Twitter

I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. I blow hot and cold about the social medial platform.

But when there is a story in which I have a particular interest in-for example in the courts-I know I can see what certain individuals have to say by checking their tweets, and often those individuals will actually be in the court to see what his happening.

For example, Orla O’Donnell ( , the RTE Legal Affairs correspondent is in court for many of the cases which feature prominently in the news.

And to be kept right up to date and forego the wait for a report to be written up and published on a news or newspaper site it is of immense benefit to be able to check out her tweets.

Even if she is not covering the case in which I am interested there will be other legal affairs correspondents or writers who will be tweeting the most up to date information, often from within the court.

Thus, while my feelings about Twitter vary wildly from time to time I do find myself dipping in and keeping abreast of the stories and developments I need to keep on top of.

My own Twitter page is here.

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