The Majesty of the Law-part 2

Alex Jones Source: BBC World News/Reuters

I wrote yesterday about the majesty of the law as I saw it unfold in Ireland in the case of Jake Merriman’s convictions arising from an anti-lockdown protest in Grafton Street in February 2021.

This morning I see online that new evidence in respect of Donald Trump’s criminal efforts to thwart the Department of Justice in its search for classified documents at Mar-A-Lago is becoming known.

An individual who worked for Trump in Florida is giving evidence and cooperating with the Department of Justice. He has told of Trump’s directions to him to hide boxes of documents after Trump had been served with a subpoena by the Department of Justice in May 2022.

Hopefully a successful indictment against Trump will follow soon. If it does it will be further evidence that nobody is above the law, which is of vital importance.

And Alex Jones, that reprehensible, odious, purveyor of conspiracy theories and lies about the Sandy Hook High School massacre which saw the loss of innocent children, and which Jones denied publicly, has been ordered to pay nearly $1 billion to the parents of the deceased children for the defamatory lies he peddled, and the hurt he caused.

The majesty of the law. On both sides of the Atlantic.

The Rule of Law is the only thing that stands between us as individuals and as a society and chaos.

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