The true test of your social media marketing

One of the most powerful ways of using the social media platforms to promote your brand or business is to get other users to share your stuff.

A bit like a relay race.

You don’t do this by creating poor, valueless, entertainment free videos or blog posts. You do it by creating quality, useful content that the user will find of value in his or her life.

And which he/she will be happy to share with his friends and contacts.

This is true, pure social media marketing.

When you create something that others are proud to share with their friends and family and they say, “here, I found this, you might find it useful”.

Others are sharing the heavy lifting in the task of distributing your valuable, thoughtful content.

They might do it on WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram. But the point is they are not embarrassed to share it because it reflects well on them if it good and useful for the end user.

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