My first radio interview

I did my first radio interview this week on LMFM radio.

I have had a few requests in the past from various radio stations around the country but have never bothered with it.

In this case, however, the producer of the show had come across me on YouTube and was fascinated with the video I made about why I write with a fountain pen and how that came about.

LMFM is the local radio station, too, so that was a factor in my decision to agree.

The interview was with Gerry Kelly on his late afternoon show and we covered a wide range of topics in the ten minute slot including my YouTube channel, fountain pens, drones, the law generally, and “putting Enfield on the map”.

There was a time not too long ago when you would be mad to refuse invitations like this but that is not the case nowadays. Now every small business owner has the potential to be his or her own publisher, radio station, content producer, podcaster, film maker, book writer.

But there is still a good cohort of people who listen to radio and who would be impressed with doing business with the lady they heard on the radio.