Doing work that can make a difference in people’s lives-a nice reminder this week

Working as a solicitor involves a great deal of writing letters, reviewing documents, filling forms, etc. It is easy to lose sight of the difference you sometimes make.

This week I derive a lot of satisfaction from the difference I have made for a couple of clients. And the difference is evident and immediately apparent.

The first was regarding a young man who was at risk of being expelled from his school.

The second case involved an employee who was being terminated from his employment and was being ripped off in the termination agreement he was being coerced to sign.

In both of these cases I am happy to say that I made a difference. Both individuals know this and are thankful.

Coming to the end of another working week in the middle to end of February it is nice to be reminded that the work I do and the profession in which I work can make immediate, tangible differences in the lives of ordinary people.

I did not always have this potential in the work I did, and I recognise that not everybody is as fortunate in the work they do.

But I am thankful, and never take it for granted.