The secret to the power of habit-making a decision once

I go for a run every evening when I come home from work.

It would usually be between 5 pm and 6 pm and I am known to be brutally predictable and reliable in going for the run. Regardless of what the weather is like, I am going for my run.

This week we had all sorts of weather warnings about orange alerts and generally poor weather all over the country with sleet and a cold snap expected everywhere.

When I got home from work on Wednesday my wife said, “you are not going this evening, are you?” My reply was “yes, of course I am”.

As far as I was concerned this was what I did every evening. Note I say this was what I did every evening.

I did not have to make any decision as this is what I did.

I was not faced with a decision every evening which would be subject to a number of variables, for example what the weather was like.

I made the decision a long time ago, maybe three years now, to go for a run every day.

That is when I made the decision.

This is what I do. The decision was made a long time ago.

This is the power of habit.