Is it a futile hope that people will read the actual decisions in the Enoch Burke Court of Appeal case?

I published a video this week about the Court of Appeal’s rejection of the Enoch Burke appeal of certain High Court orders made against him. (Here it is).

Rather than making the video a straightforward opinion piece about my view of the decision I took a close look at the decision of the president of the Court of Appeal and read out what he had to say and the reasoning for his rejection of the appeal.

I also put the actual decisions up on a website of mine, here, and vainly hoped that people would read the decisions. The actual decisions.

But the questions that poured into my YouTube channel beneath the video shows quite clearly that the vast majority of commenters had not bothered to read the decisions.

They had questions and observations to make but had not read the decisions.

Their prejudices, views and ideologies were so strongly held that they were not interested in the facts of the case or the reasoning of the three judges of the Court of Appeal.

I hope that somewhere out there there is a small number of persons who will read the decisions and perhaps take a different view and form a slightly altered opinion for the future.

I wonder is this a completely futile hope.

Here are the decisions of the 3 judges.