The price of exploiting trending topics and controversy

When you do your own online/digital marketing as I have done since starting my solicitor’s practice back in 2011 you experiment.

You try all types of different things to see which are the most effective, which give the most return for the expenditure of your valuable time.

You discover, amongst other things, that it is possible to tap into trending topics and controversial issues by commenting or making content such as blog posts or videos and riding the coattails of such controversies.

But the price to pay is the hassle of extreme, heated, inflamed comments and opinions on both sides of whatever is the controversial issue.

For me, this is a big price to pay as I am always tempted to comment back or get stuck into someone with whom I disagree.

This would be a mistake, however. One I must constantly guard against as it is a waste of my time and energy and is simply tedious and annoying.

Like a scab or a rash. You want to scratch it but you know the best thing is to try to ignore and plough on with what’s important.

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