My long form video experiment on YouTube seeks to exploit the ‘binge watch’ phenomenon

I am trying something new on my YouTube channel today.

I am going to upload an extra-long video-up to 1 hour or thereabouts-to see how it performs. And the great thing about this particular tactic is I do not have to make any new content, or only an extremely small piece of new content.

What I am doing is stitching several videos I have previously made and published into one long video. The topic of my video will be buying residential property in Ireland and it will contain a number of shorter videos about all aspects of buying residential property in Ireland.

The idea that a person who is interested in buying property will be prepared to sit down with a cup of tea or a drink and binge watch the video in the same way they might take time to binge watch a Netflix series.

There is also the added benefit of the viewer not having to search around and find videos on different aspects of the buying/selling process. This video will have all the information in the one place.

That is the plan.

If it works I can rinse and repeat and make videos on other topics-for example, commercial property, starting a business, employment claims at the WRC.

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