The Michael Lynn (solicitor) theft case

I have been keeping a close eye on the trial of Michael Lynn, former solicitor, who is accused of theft of approximately €27m from various lending institutions.

Closing speeches commenced yesterday and I think they are to be completed today. Then it will be up to the jury as to whether he will be convicted or not.

I have a strong hope about my preferred outcome, but I will not write anything here at this point in time which could be considered prejudicial.

Let’s face it: the chances of a jury member reading this blog are slim. Nevertheless, the matter is sub judice and I would not run any risk on that score.

I have a fair insight into what Lynn was alleged to have been involved in as I was heavily involved in the property market and development during the Celtic Tiger years.

After the crash I became a solicitor, out of necessity, and quickly became familiar with the system of solicitor’s undertakings in property transactions.

Thus, what Lynn is alleged to have done and what he claimed in his defence are not complex or unfamiliar matters to me. For this reason, I am particularly interested in the outcome. I do intend making a video about the case and publishing it on my YouTube channel.

But for now, the matter is, or will soon be, in the hands of the jury. And that is as it should be in a fair system of justice in a democracy.

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