Mask discrimination cases at the WRC, professional representation and personal views

I have published a new video on my YouTube channel this morning.

It is about a man who brought a case of discrimination to the Workplace Relations Commission claiming he was discriminated against as he was excluded from a hardware store in Galway. He claimed he was exempt from the requirement to wear a mask. However, he failed to provide any evidence to the shop management.

This is the second video I have made about this type of claim, and the previous case failed, too.

When this case involving the man from Galway and the hardware shop came before the WRC he failed to furnish any evidence of the basis for an exemption. The adjudicator threw the case out and described it as a ‘waste of time for all concerned’.

I was involved in a similar case yesterday at the WRC. It was a claim about breach of the Equal Status Acts and discrimination for failing to allow a customer the exemption referred to in the regulations concerning mask wearing.

I will not go into the details at this point as the adjudicator has now to decide. But two things need to be said, from my perspective about these types of cases.

Firstly, each case will be decided on its own particular merits. Secondly, a solicitor will represent a client and deal with them as they find them and the facts of the case.

A professional lawyer will provide representation and regardless of which side of a fence or ideological or philosophical divide the lawyer may occupy he/she will do his best for the client. His personal views take a back seat, and this is as it should be.

I may make a video about my ‘mask discrimination case’ when it is decided. For now you can take a look at this one which the WRC adjudicator described as a waste of time.

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