The email problem continues and worsens

I’m still struggling with the demands of my email inbox.

I have written about this problem at least twice previously. But the problem does not go away; if anything, it gets worse.

I know I am my own worst enemy by responding so quickly to emails. This creates an expectation on the part of the sender if they have emailed me in the past as they know my form.

Regardless of whether they have contacted me in the past I have this obsession with clearing my inbox and trying to operate a ‘inbox zero’ policy. This creates the problem, however, for it has me constantly on a state of alert for new emails coming into my inbox.

It is such a distraction. On the one hand it has been an important part of my success in building a client base. On the other hand, it has created a massive self-imposed, voluntary burden that is threatening to distract me from all other types of work.

I will have to find a solution.

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