Starting your own information business

The process of making and selling an information product is a relatively simple one. There is no great complexity involved. True-you will have to learn some basic skills. But those skills can easily be acquired from freely available online sources such as YouTube. There is almost certainty no skills that cannot be learned from a… Continue reading Starting your own information business

Building a following

Building a following will be a critical part of the success of your information product. Your following can be online or offline, but the likelihood is it will be online. Regardless of whether you would prefer an online or offline audience you cannot ignore the reality of small business and life nowadays. You will need… Continue reading Building a following

Starting a Side Hustle in ‘The Knowledge Business’

Most of us have some skill, knowledge, or experience to share with others. All of us are unique with unique lives, skills and life experiences and it is extremely likely that your knowledge would be of great benefit to someone else. Of such benefit, in fact, that others would be willing to pay for your… Continue reading Starting a Side Hustle in ‘The Knowledge Business’