Selling your information product

The biggest problem you will face in your side hustle of selling information products will be selling the finished product.

Because your product is likely to be a virtual product such as an eBook or an online course, although there is nothing to stop you from selling your report or white paper or book in physical form, the degree of trust you will have to build up with a potential buyer will be high.

The biggest problem to selling anything online is trust, or the lack of it. It is an important part of your business success to be able to build trust with your fans/followers/tribe. Without that element of trust, and without a know and like relationship being established between you and your potential customers, you will struggle to make sales.

How do you build trust online? The best way is to repeatedly, consistently show up online with content of use and value to your potential customers. This involves some type of content marketing which involved you demonstrating your expertise with your online content.

Content marketing allows you to build an online audience, your tribe if you like. Your content could be videos on YouTube, short vertical videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, a short email course, useful posts on sites like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Email marketing can also play an important role in building trust, and distributing useful, free content. But most importantly building trust. But your email marketing must be done right or it will sooner or later be perceived as spam.

Rule number one of email marketing: don’t spam your subscribers. And only pitch them when you have something of real value to sell.

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