Starting a Side Hustle in ‘The Knowledge Business’

Most of us have some skill, knowledge, or experience to share with others.

All of us are unique with unique lives, skills and life experiences and it is extremely likely that your knowledge would be of great benefit to someone else. Of such benefit, in fact, that others would be willing to pay for your knowledge, the information you have acquired or possess.

This is the basic, underlying principle of the ‘knowledge business’. The ‘knowledge business’ is simply the selling of expertise, knowledge or experience and capitalising on an individual’s hidden, untapped knowledge resource.

The range of activity that I am referring to is so wide as to be immeasurable.

It could be from knitting a pair of gloves or a scarf to renovating an old house to fitting a kitchen or built-in wardrobe in your house to assisting a person with some legal process to sharing what you know about flipping properties to setting up an online shop to starting an online (or offline) business to teaching children about life to playing chess to baking sourdough bread to providing a translation service.

The list is endless.

So, the knowledge business is recognising some skill or knowledge you possess that might be of value to others and for which a person would be willing to pay. This would be your product, or range of products depending on how ambitious you are.

Creating and delivering your products to your customers can be done in a number of ways.

Probably the simplest and easiest way is simply to create a PDF document in which you outline the steps in whatever you are teaching or sharing.

This document could be relatively short and comprise only a few pages. Or it could be so extensive that it could be considered an ebook. In between these two extremes you could publish something of medium length-say 10 to 20 pages- which would be a report or white paper type document.

Delivery of your product to your customer/consumer could be by email or you could store it online and allow the customer to download it to their computer. Or you could print it out and post it.

Another way of delivering your knowledge could be in a series of videos which would comprise a course. The videos could be as long or as short as is suitable for the topic you are covering, and you could have as many videos as you need to cover your material.

The videos could be supplemented by other materials-for example documents, PDFs, or whatever is most suitable. And the entire course could be delivered from one of the many online platforms such as Teachable, SkillShare, Thinkific, Kajabi.

Alternatively, you could set up your own website and retain complete control of the delivery of your course, payments, etc. This is slightly more involved and there are other factors you would need to consider if you were going with this route-for example, how technically proficient you were when it comes to websites, WordPress, etc.


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The Knowledge Business-starting a side hustle

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