Homemade pizza-the smooth execution of a plan

We had delicious homemade pizza on Saturday evening. Galway versus Derry were playing in the All-Ireland semi-final at 5.30 pm and pizza would fit beautifully into the schedule provided I got the timing right. In an exercise of miliary precision I had planned to have the toppings on, the oven preheated for at least 30… Continue reading Homemade pizza-the smooth execution of a plan

Broadford, Kildare, November 2021

I took a few photos this morning and want to publish them on one of my own web properties for posterity. I made my brown loaf, using Neven Maguire’s recipe, and a simple white loaf with poppy seeds on top. This bread is simple but delicious and is easy to bake. Homemade pizza night I… Continue reading Broadford, Kildare, November 2021