Homemade pizza-the smooth execution of a plan

We had delicious homemade pizza on Saturday evening.

Galway versus Derry were playing in the All-Ireland semi-final at 5.30 pm and pizza would fit beautifully into the schedule provided I got the timing right.

In an exercise of miliary precision I had planned to have the toppings on, the oven preheated for at least 30 minutes, and the pizzas ready to slip into the oven at 5.15 pm.

This would allow 10-15 minutes for baking with pizza ready to get stuck into just as the ball was thrown in to start the match.

And that is the way it turned out. Not too many plans proceed as successfully as this one.

Key to the whole process was the preparation of the pizza dough earlier in the day, and giving sufficient time for proofing.

Once the dough was in good shape making a nice pizza and having a delicious end product is easy enough, provided no disasters in getting the toppings laden dough into the oven smoothly.

And they turned out splendidly and tasted delicious with a side helping of coleslaw.

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