Broadford, Kildare, November 2021

I took a few photos this morning and want to publish them on one of my own web properties for posterity. I made my brown loaf, using Neven Maguire’s recipe, and a simple white loaf with poppy seeds on top. This bread is simple but delicious and is easy to bake. Homemade pizza night I… Continue reading Broadford, Kildare, November 2021

Ballinadrimna Graveyard

I visited Ballinadrimna graveyard yesterday morning. I believe it is long since closed and I don’t think any burials have taken place for many years. Walking around the graveyard I was struck, once again, by how many of the names on headstones were names of families still living in the parish-for example, Cusack, Miggin, Gorry,… Continue reading Ballinadrimna Graveyard