Stories and storytelling-what is the point?

Stories are a way we give meaning to our activity and life.

We can choose the stories we tell ourselves, and it is vitally important that we choose the right one.

Take three men working on a construction site laying blocks. One guy says he is a blocklayer.

One guy says he is building a wall. The third guy says he is building a cathedral.

They are all engaged in the same activity. But each of them tells himself a different story.

If you are a leader, or an employer, or seek to influence the stories you tell those you seek to lead can play a pivotal role.

You can share your own stories rather than telling people in a didactic way what to do. The stories you share can help them learn lessons from your experience.

Telling stories also allows us to build connection and trust.

Generally, a story will have 3 parts:

  1. A person
  2. Who wants something
  3. And must overcome an obstacle to get it

What stories can you draw on from your own experience to help and lead others.