Reordering and prioritising my Pomodoro work sessions

I organise my working day in a regimented, structured fashion. It suits me and my personality.

It also suits my profession.

In the legal profession being able to manage yourself, your time, your files, calendar is an essential prerequisite.

I use the Pomodoro technique to help me with my time allocation. This essentially means that I work in segments of 25 minutes with a 5-minute break at the end of each 25-minute slot.

Then, after three or four ‘Pomodoros’ you get a 15-minute break. I have an app on my computer browser which gives me notice of the commencement and end of each work and break period.

It works extremely well for me and I have been doing it for years now.

The first pomodoro I do each day is 25 minutes of social media marketing. The second one is my blog post, having made a promise in February of this year that I would write a blog post every day, come hell or high water. I have kept to that promise to date.

I am changing the order now to reflect the importance I place on writing my blog post. It is number one.

Thus, I am making that blog post commitment my number 1 pomodoro: the first piece of work I do every day. Writing this blog post is an example as this is the first thing I am doing today.

It is 6.07 am on Wednesday 8th June 2022.

Do you have one thing you do every day? That should be your priority?

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