Reducing my social media activity-a secret fantasy

Sometimes I am tempted to quit social media altogether.

It would be a huge change for me. And perhaps an act of self-immolation from the perspective of my business, my solicitor’s practice.

Or would my websites and blogs, together with my YouTube channel, continue to sustain and aid with the growth of my practice? There is an enormous amount of existing content on these platforms.

I would not quit my websites/blogs, nor my YouTube channel. Is it possible that this content, together with new material on my YouTube channel and my own sites, would be sufficient?

I could forget about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok.

This idea has only flitted into my mind lately. And it would be an enormous change, one I am not willing to undertake lightly.

But the fact that I am considering this, and my semi abandonment of, and indifference towards, my Twitter account may be a forerunner of a thought that may return in the future on a more persistent basis.

Let’s wait and see.

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