Making a short movie/VLOG and the bittersweet attempt to capture memories

I’m making a short movie or vlog about our day trip to Kinsale and the Old Head of Kinsale on 19th March 2022. I have quite a good deal of camera footage and the temptation is to just dump it on a timeline and add some music with a few captions thrown in.

And if the truth is to be told that is probably what I will do. For I do not have the skills or patience to make something great or artistic or stunning.

Nevertheless, it will be my (our) record of a beautiful, memorable few hours spent walking around Kinsale and the Old Head of Kinsale on a particular day in March 2022.

Perhaps that is enough. Maybe that is the whole idea: that someday we, or our loved ones, can look back and smile at the memories that the basic, rudimentary short film might trigger in the minds of those viewing.

Thinking about that now makes me sad, to be honest. To think that one day the only thing that might bring back the memories will be a short movie or vlog on YouTube.

Hopefully, that won’t be the case. For now, we have the memories, and they are captured on this simple, basic film.

I will put a link below when it is finished.

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