Reconsidering email access

I have written in the past about the ever-present problem I have with my email inbox.

I have had a problem with the sheer volume of emails I receive on a daily basis and my determination to maintain a policy of trying to clear my inbox every day. It has become such a problem that I am seriously considering taking my email address off all my websites and social media sites.

The knock on effect of this action would be to drive most of that traffic onto the telephone line and that will have consequences here in the office with more time being consumed in fielding calls and dealing with requests of all types.

And it will not have any impact on the persons with whom I am in email correspondence, or those businesses with which I need to interact-for example, estate agents wishing to send sales advice notices.

I might make the change for a week or two, however, to see how it goes.

Because something has to change regarding my email inbox.