Status roles and affiliations

I have been binge listening to the akimbo podcast by Seth Godin for the last couple of weeks. (I have run out of audiobook credits for my Audible account!)

But I am glad I have because I am beginning to see with fresh eyes what he has been banging on about for years.

One of those things is the role of status in our society and how important it is for each of us as an individual human. Linked to status is the question of affiliations and who is with us, who is against us.

The question of status and affiliations is most pronounced in following sports teams.

Whether you are following the Kildare football team or the Irish soccer team or the Leinster/Munster rugby team your status and sense of well-being is hugely influenced by how your team is performing and if they win anything or not.

The lift that Kildare beating Dublin in the Leinster championship and going on to win it would significantly affect the status (and affiliations) of every man and woman in Kildare.

The same principles apply to groups on different sides of a political argument-for example, covid vaccinations, gender recognition, how to solve the housing problem, and so on.

Who is with us, who is against us are vital questions. And, of course, our status.