Not losing sight of the original purpose of my YouTube channel

It is easy for me to produce all sorts of video content for my YouTube channel. And I have now reached 27,000 subscribers on the channel having only recently reached 25,000.

I am aware that much of the content I publish may have little or no benefit for my business, which is the whole purpose of the channel in the first place.

Whilst I am comfortable with publishing videos which I like and which may have no commercial or business benefit I need to be cautious about overdoing it and not lose sight of the original purpose of the channel: brand building and client growth.

Some of the non-business, relational/vlog/personal type videos may succeed, however, in other areas-for example building or depending a relationship between me and the viewer.

And whilst that viewer may not need a solicitor now or in the near future you would hope to be top of mind when he does need one.

Meanwhile, I enjoy making and publishing my videos.

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