My podcast at a crossroads-kill it or keep it going?

I revived my podcast a few months ago.

I gave it a new name (“The Irish Law and Small Business Podcast“), sorted out many episodes in a couple of frenzied periods of batch creation of episodes, and breathed new life into it. Then I watched the analytics of listens and subscribers and the amount of interest generated.

And then I lost interest. Now, I am at a crossroads. Should I let it die or keep it going?

I think I must keep it going, even though the feedback and analytics does not appear to be all that encouraging or impressive. I believe that this is a case of ‘never mind the width, feel the depth’.

In other words, even though the listening numbers may be small the connection may be strong. And I do not need, given the price of legal services such as conveyancing fees, to convert every listener.

I do not even need to convert a majority into paying clients. A very small number will do fine and will make the project worthwhile and worth persevering with.

So, I need to give myself a kick and get on with creating new episodes. Because the work I do now in a podcast may not pay off today or tomorrow but is likely to pay off over the medium to long haul.

Because the connection possible through a podcast is a strong one. And one worth nurturing.

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