Making bread-therapeutic and fascinating

I’ve always been a bread man.

It has been a lifelong love affair.

In the last few months I have begun to bake bread. And I am getting great enjoyment out of both making, and consuming, my bread.

There is something ancient and timeless about bread. You can go back to the bible and the story of the loaves and the fishes.

Or the exhortation that man shall not live by bread alone.

But there is something primal, something to do with creation itself, something that goes back through the centuries through Eastern and Western civilizations, about bread.

Sourdough bread

And when you start making sourdough bread and you smell your own sourdough starter and the smell of fermentation it throws off; you see it bubbling away and rising and falling in the jar; you see the wild yeast found all around us in the environment being captured and combining with the flour and water to make a live culture, a sourdough starter that you  rely on to provide you with beautiful, tasty, complex bread.

Nobody else’s bread. My bread!

I am putting up a number of photos on this page, for posterity, to track my progress.

For me, quite frankly.

But if you get something from them too, that’s a bonus. I hope you do.

I also make a brown bread and a white loaf, both of which I have obtained from Neven Maguire’s ‘Home Economics for Life’.

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