Learning WordPress-One of the best decisions I’ve made

I don’t know exactly when I learned to use WordPress as a publishing/blogging platform, but it has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Firstly, it has allowed me to publish my own content on my own websites which I control entirely. The freedom, and control, that this has given me over the years has been of enormaous benefit in buildig my business.

Because it has allowed me to publish content, ideas, legal decisions, legal news, legislation, commentary which will be of benefit to the people I seek to serve (and do business with).

Looking back at some of the earliest blog posts I published on my main solicitor’s website-BusinessAndLegal.ie-I see the first posts were published on 24th September 2009. That’s over 10 years ago now!

I have published plenty of blog posts on other websites I created, too-sites like EmploymentRightsIreland.com, SmallBusinessLawIreland.com, FamilyLawIrelandHq.com and others-and have learnt a huge amount about communicating, dragging readers in, focusing on the concerns of the people I wish to serve, and more.

Learning WordPress has always meant that I have never had to rely on a ‘tech guy’ to publish content or make changes on my websites. I could never be held to ransom and could chop, change and experiment to my heart’s content to see what worked best for me and my business.

This independence has been priceless.

When you recognise the power of being able to publish useful content regularly, and combine it with the opportunity to make useful videos with the smartphone in my pocket, you can become a one person marketing and business building machine.

Thankfully, a relatively small number of competitors have recognised this, although if they did I believe we would find there is plenty of business for everybody and it is not a zero sum game.

Personal writing

There is also the personal benefits I get from writing about anything and everything from time to time on a blog like this one. Because I find writing therapeutic, a great way to get my thinking straight and to tease out issues, and a place I can go to empty my mind of stresses that build up from time to time.

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