Maintaining the daily writing habit in Sorrento

Isle of Capri, Italy

Back in February, I think, I made a promise to myself to show up here every day and write a blog post.

It could be a short one, a long one, and about anything and everything under the sun. But I would write something.

And I am proud to say, have stuck with it.

It is most difficult to maintain when I am taken out of my daily routine, for example when I go away for the weekend or on holidays, like last week in Sorrento, Italy.

But I kept at it, tapping away on my MacBook in the dark, early hours in a hotel bedroom in Sorrento. This is the time it would be easier to stumble and fail.

And failure it would be, in my opinion. Not to say I could not recommence. But I have made a promise to myself to show up every day.

And I intend keeping it.

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