My vlog strategy fantasy

I am toying with the idea of making more vlog type videos.

These would be little pieces of video content out of my ordinary day, a look into my daily life. The idea is to try to grow my YouTube channel to a much bigger number of subscribers by broadening the number of persons who may be interested in my videos.

There is a huge natural interest in the ordinary lives of other people, and we have seen the massive growth in reality type television programmes over the last decade or so.

The vlog could be a type of dailyl journal but that is not my intention. I do not intend providing a daily journal type video or diary entry.

What I will be trying to do is find something interesting in my daily life which will allow me to make a short story. I am a huge believer in and fan of story as a medium by which to communicate with viewers or readers.

So, that is the plan. I will give it a go but promise nothing as if it becomes too time consuming or too big an attention suck, I will abandon it and simply continue with my YouTube channel as I have done for the last 10 years or so.

But it is something I do want to try and see if I can go somewhere with my videos and YouTube channel that would be unique and groundbreaking.

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