Struggling with ‘The Magic Mountain’, looking forward to a page turning story

I am struggling towards the end of ‘The Magic Mountain’ by Thomas Mann.

I am a huge fan of Mann’s writing, his use of words, his powerfully evocative descriptions, his intellect and treatment of various arguments and schools of philosophy in this book.

But I am worn down now with only a few hours left. And it cannot come too soon, quite frankly.

For intellectual philosophising and complex, deep arguments dressed up in the guise of the book’s characters is impressive I am only now wondering how the book will finish.

And I will be immediately opting for a book with a good story and less weighty issues and ideas.

Just a decent story. I need a break. Story is powerful and one of the primary reasons for the writing and reading of a book.

Something that I will not have to cling grimly to from an intellectual perspective, clinging to the wreckage so to speak.

Just a good, page turning yarn.

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