I can’t stand whingers

I cannot stand whingers.

The whiney, whingey, demanding, entitled attitude is one to which I am a complete stranger and cannot fathom.

But I know they are out there, in their droves. I encounter them regularly on the various social media platforms on which I engage, especially on my YouTube channel.

I love YouTube and the freedom it gives you to make a video about anything under the sun. And then gives you an enormous free platform on which to publish it. With a massive audience and the potential for an even bigger one in the search engine results for Google owns YouTube and the search results.

You often get nice comments, like those I have published on this page. And you get the whingers, the “what about” merchants.

I have great difficulty ignoring them, but I have made it my business to develop that skill.

And I am getting better.

Sometimes, I even chuckle at the extent of the whinge, the wide range and depth, the topics about which individuals can whinge.

But the positive comments make it worthwhile, and makes it easier to hold my nose and breeze past the whingers.

And my channel continues to grow, having picked up pace lately with an increase in the number of videos published. It is heading for 20,000 subscribers, and looking forward to that milestone (if I can reach it).

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