How to deal with expert witnesses in court or tribunals

When you are dealing with expert witnesses in court you ought to use the language of the expert witness. This will involve reading the expert report(s) carefully, using a dictionary if necessary, and understanding what’s written.

If there are two expert reports, one for each party to the litigation, it may well be the case that there is not a huge deal of difference between the reports. If that is the case invite the expert to agree that the two reports all within a reasonable range with no major differences of opinion.

Always be courteous and polite with expert witnesses, in the same way you would deal with ordinary witnesses.

Make sure each question focuses on one point, one fact that you want to elicit.

Hat tip to Iain Morley Q.C.’s The Devil’s Advocate. (Recommended-entertaining and informative read about representing your client in court, but would also be useful for lay litigants).

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