Closing submission or speech is 100% about persuasion 

The closing submission or speech in a hearing is all about persuasion. It is not about facts, but about comment. 80% comment, 20% facts.

It is about explaining why you should win based on the facts that have been established.

Always write out your closing submission. Not every word, necessarily, but consider each sentence.

Do not try to wing it. If you need some time to prepare, ask for 5 minutes.

The whole purpose and idea of a closing submission is to tell the decision maker why you win based on the facts/evidence. It is argument and comment, not a repetition or rehashing of the evidence.

Start your closing submission with your 3 best points. And repeat them through the speech/submission.

3 is an important number in speeches. Threes give you momentum and rhythm and you appear strong.

Vary your voice. Undulate your sentences, quicken and slow them. Don’t be dull. Gesticulation can be powerful but can be overdone.

Practice, practice, practice. Frame it as an invitation to the decision maker, not an instruction.

Remember: irresistible argument, invisible advocate.

A closing speech should start with the test-that is, what has to be proved and the burden and standard of proof.

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