Effective communications for solicitors and lawyers

I saw one of those promotional tweets on Twitter earlier this week. It was a gentleman announcing the launch of his new book.

It got my attention because the new book was about effective communication for lawyers or solicitors and, if memory serves me right and I could be wrong, he was an academic in Maynooth University.

When I see things like this, or courses for lawyers along similar lines, I allow myself a wry smile which sometimes degenerates to a chuckle.

Because I know, without even checking, that the vast majority of the writers and creators of such products do not have a YouTube channel.

You cannot talk about communication for solicitors, or for almost any professional, without advocating for the power, effectiveness and wisdom of using YouTube as a central plank in any communication strategy.

Anyway, if you want an effective strategy for online/digital marketing you could do worse than read my book.

P.S. I wish that man well with his new book, I hope it sells well.