Crashing my drone and recognising the story opportunity

I wrote a few short weeks ago about buying a drone.

I then published a video on my YouTube channel covering the same topic. But no sooner had I hit the publish button when I crashed and lost the drone in the River Boyne.

I wrote about this yesterday on this blog. I was tremendously disappointed about losing the drone.

I was having great fun with it, and I was thinking hard about how I could also put it to practical use by spicing up my videos in 2023. Drone footage and timelapses are effective methods of providing context and allowing transitions from one act to another in the video.

But I also recognised the story opportunity with the unfortunate demise of my drone in a watery burial ground in the Boyne. Therefore, I made a video about crashing and losing the drone.

And this has proved tremendously popular on my YouTube channel, with great engagement from viewers.

Viewers can relate well to failure and like to see stories which involve a struggle. I have exploited this, to an extent. And I have made a further video, not published yet, about my going to Harvey Normans in Clondalkin to try to buy a replacement drone.

This, too, is part of the story, the bigger picture. And it is an opportunity to good to ignore and which I will admit I am exploiting.

But who cares? It’s a good story involving a starting point, a challenge, and an outcome to yet unfold.

There are viewers on YouTube sympathising with me and telling me to get a replacement. This story is not finished yet.