Are you a solicitor or an influencer?

Last week I received an email from YouTube.

It was an end of year email telling me how well my YouTube channel had performed in 2022.

The data was good, a significant year of improvement for my channel which has been on the go since 2011.

I shared a graphic on a few social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook.

However, a commenter on Facebook asked me whether I was an influencer or solicitor. Another commenter pointed out the manifestly obvious: why can’t he be both?

Of course, I can be both, if influencer means a small business owner who has the wit to recognise the opportunities offered for the growth of my solicitor’s practice by using the social media sites.

Why anyone would wish to categorise people and put them into narrow boxes out of which they cannot venture is beyond me. That is their loss, however.

For me, the most natural thing in the world is to use all available tools to help me grow my practice, employ more people, make more money, pay more taxes, and contribute to society generally.

Little boxes, narrow minded boundaries, and an absence of imagination are of no interest to me.