Changing the name of my podcast-The Irish Law and Small Business Podcast

The Irish Law and Small Business Podcast

I did a little bit of research yesterday before changing the name of my podcast from “Terry Gorry Law” to “The Irish Law and Small Business Podcast”.

Before I commit to promoting and marketing it I want to be satisfied with the name. I want to acquire whatever little search optimisation juice I can get on the various podcast directories and distributors.

I decided to follow the advice to keep it simple and not get cute. This has been a hallmark of all of my online marketing efforts since I got into my solicitor’s practice and began building it with digital or online marketing.

So, I choose a name which tells the reader/listener what the podcast is about when they may come across it online. I imagine a podcast listener searching Apple Podcasts or Spotify or Stitcher for something to listen to and using the words that they are interested in.

My podcast is about law and (small) business. “The Irish Law and Small Business Podcast” seems right.

Anyone interested in communicating could benefit from reading a writer like Ernest Hemingway and his use of short, plain words, short sentences and paragraphs. This is applicable not just to communication online on a website or social media platform but in every day written communication, too.

I am amazed at how convoluted some people make their written communication. So much so that it can be difficult to understand what they intend saying.

Hogs grunt. Speak plain.

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