BBC podcasts-a tremendous source of free, high quality entertainment and education

I have just discovered a tremendous source of high-quality podcasts: the good old British Broadcasting Corporation-also known as the BBC.

I listen to audio books and podcasts all the time. When I am exercising in the evening after work, when I drive to and from work, and when I mow the grass at home at the weekend.

When I run out of audiobook credits, and whilst waiting for the next one to be credited to my account, I tend to listen to podcasts. Most of them are about marketing, especially digital or online marketing.

But the quality of a great deal of these podcasts is dubious. Nevertheless, I continue to listen for the one or two nuggets of information I might hear about YouTube marketing or storytelling or using Instagram effectively.

The BBC podcasts raises the quality bar, though. And there is a tremendous range of podcasts dealing with literature, history, art, current affairs, business, culture, and so on.

The two I have started listening to are “The History Extra Podcast” and “The Shakespeare Sessions” and the quality, as you would expect, is extremely high.

And when you consider that this enormous body of work by academics and respected professionals covering such a wide range of topics is completely free, wow.

Yes, you will have the conspiracy theorists who will lump the BBC in with the media establishment, including RTE, the Irish Times etc. who ought to be viewed as the enemy and a tremendous source of evil.

Those persons are entitled to their conspiracy theories. I will be busy cutting the grass and running in the cool of the evening being educated and entertained by listening the BBC’s stunning output in the podcasting sphere.

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