Attending WRC hearings in person-a rethink is in order?

Today is day 2 of a WRC hearing I am involved in, the first day having taken place back in June 2023.

It is possible that it will go for a further day after day but I certainly hope not.

I am beginning to consider carefully the wisdom and cost effectiveness of me personally running these cases. I may be better off instructing counsel.

The big issue from my perspective is the amount of time that can be taken up from the time I leave the office in the morning to attend a physical hearing in Ballsbridge and the time I return to the office.

The time taken to prepare for the hearing and the making of submissions needs to be considered, too.

When you consider that this can happen twice or three times in one case, depending on how many witnesses and how the hearing is conducted, today may be the last time I physically attend a hearing.

However, I enjoy some of them and it is good to get out of the office from time to time so I will not rush into the decision.