No win, no fee cases

I am often asked if I take on cases on a “no win, no fee” basis and my usual answer is “no”.

The reason for this is simple. My view is if the plaintiff/complainant does not have skin in the game it will encourage frivolous, meritless claims.

However, I do recognise certain situations where the case has genuine merit, and the potential claimant/plaintiff does not have the financial resources to pursue it.

In these exceptional circumstances I will do the case on a “no win, no fee” basis.

But it would need to be a strong case. I am not taking on “shakedown” or “try on” cases.

You might ask how do you define those?

I say I recognise them when I see them, and I am the one making the decision and get to choose.

And when I see a case of genuine injustice and/or unfairness I will make an exception, too, provided the case will not otherwise proceed on financial grounds.