A year-end review of my YouTube analytics

I am carrying out a year end review of my marketing efforts with a view to tweaking and optimising for 2022.

One of the pillars of my marketing is my YouTube channel and the videos I make. I need to ensure that I am spending my time making videos about the topics and issues which get me the most views.

Looking at my YouTube analytics for 2021 I note that of my playlist the views break down between the playlists as follows:

                        2021                                                                                        2020

Property 35%                                                                                                  35

Employment law 22%                                                                                     32

Small business 12%                                                                                         10

Investing 8%                                                                                                   0

Irish law 4%                                                                                                     5

Litigation, wills and probate, family law,
personal injury, books, vlogs 19%                                                                  18%

Looking at the above data it is clear which areas provide the greatest number of views on my channel.

One noteworthy change from 2020 to 2021 is the appearance of ‘investing’ in 2021. This is an area that might be worth pursuing. However, whether I will get any clients from more views in this category of videos is doubtful.

Whereas I know with certainty that property, employment and small business provide me with a regular supply of queries and clients.

This is only one part of my marketing strategy, but it is an important one given the emphasis I place on video marketing in my business development.

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